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Monday, February 6, 2012

Boost your craigslist sales

As I have mentioned before, the quest for financial independence involves not only decreasing spending, but also increasing income. This allows you to reach your goals quicker than by just focusing on frugality.

One way I personally work to get extra income is to sell things on eBay and Craigslist. If you are familiar with eBay you know you can set up a 'store' where shoppers can see the other items you have for sale. Craigslist doesn't have an option like this, so the people seeing your items will only see what they search for, and won't know about any of the other things you are selling. I usually have multiple items listed at once, so it is helpful to have the buyers be able to see everything I have for sale. They might see something they are interested in, but wouldn't have thought to search for.

The way I have been doing this is to take advantage of the free website/hosting that is now available, and to make a simple blog. I post all the items I have for sale there, and post a link to the blog in every Craigslist posting I make. I also went ahead and put adsense on the blog because, well why not. It gets me a buck or two extra a month. Everything helps.

So make your own blog or website to increase your sales of Craigslist. It has definitely improved my sales performance. You can also have links to any other websites or videos or products you sell, and get increased traffic that way. So there is really no reason not to create a free blog listing the items you have for sale.

-The Money Monk

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