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Thursday, January 10, 2013

If you will it, it will come - extreme actions get extreme results

I just read two articles on the Mr. Money Mustache forums that really got me thinking.

The first was from a guy who decided to still bike into work even though the temperature was 20 degrees below zero!!

Another was from a guy from in Slovenia who got a parking ticket. Apparently the parking tickets there are shockingly high, about a weeks pay at minimum wage. He decided he still would not go over budget for that month,  even though he was already sticking to a very strict budget with little fat to cut. At the time of the writing he only had 3 days to go, and was running low on food in the house but was determined to make it even if he had to fast

Most people today aren't even willing to skip a meal when their lives are endangered with obesity, or skip a night out when they are about to lose everything to debts. Let alone do it simply to accomplish their goals even though they could afford it.

The discipline and motivation exhibited by these individuals is something you don't see too often these days. If you have this kind of intensity and uncompromising attitude toward ANY goal, it WILL happen. And financial independence is no exception. The biker would have been totally justified in driving to work that day, and nobody would have begrudged him that, even on the MM forums. But instead he stuck to the plan and went "extreme".

The parking ticket recipient could have easily chalked it up as an unfortunate unplanned expense and moved on, but instead he got EXTREME and decided this was not going to negatively affect his goals.

At the end of the year all the people who said these are extreme actions would be right; but they will have less money and will be farther from FI than these two.

Extreme actions get extreme results.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

-The Money Monk

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