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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to make more money from your blog with insurance, loans, and mortgages

If you have a blog there is really no reason not to have Google adwords on there. Most bloggers do, and most realize that the money they get from the ads comes from people clicking on those ads, and you get a percentage. But what many bloggers don't really think about (or maybe don't even know) is that many keywords pay a lot more for each click, and that you can, to some extent, control what is going to be in the ads showing on your site!

Google has really complex algorithms designed to maximize the targetting and effectiveness of the ads it shows, so it changes what ads somebody sees based partly on their behaviors online, but also based on the content of the site where the ad is seen.

If the article is about surfing, chances are the ads are more likely to be about similar things. One article may not do it, but several on the same subjects can start to control the ads.

Below is an infographic displaying the top 20 most espensive keywords in Google Adwords. These people are paying as much as $50 PER CLICK on their ads! and you can get a percentage of that!

Now I never suggest spamming with these types of techniques, because they will hurt your traffic and your revenue more than help it, but depending on the content of your blog you can use these keywords to give yourself some ideas for articles while simultaneously influencing the CPC (cost per click) of the ads showing on your site!

Is your site about surfing? do a post on surfing and health insurance. Insurance is the #1 highest cost keyword.

Have a site about investing? write about whether it is a good or bad idea to borrow money to invest (Loan is the #2 keyword).

However you choose to do it, just make sure you are writing a legitimate article that would add value to your site even without any tertiary benefits. But it can't hurt to check out this list and use those top 20 keywords as inspiration for some future articles.

-The Money Monk


  1. Thanks for sharing the info about those keywords. Do you know how competitive the keywords are for dividend investing?

  2. Not sure, I haven't researched those particular keywords.

    - The Money Monk