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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Money Monks do it for free - The Library

Unlike some of the other financial independence websites that write about their journey after the fact, I am not yet financially independent, and am writing about my journey while I'm making it.

One aspect of this journey is making some lifestyle changes that involve making more money, or saving the money I am already making. One thing I am going to be doing to save money is utilizing free resources as much as possible. one of these is the local public library.

I actually do own quite a few books, and even though most of them I didn't purchase (either gifts or free) I did buy a fair share of them. In hindsight it seems like a fairly extravagant waste of money, given that there is a free library a mere 3-4 miles away full of most of the books I could ever want. If they don't have it, you can usually request it be ordered or shipped in from another library.

Before today I hadn't been in a public library for at least a decade, so it was interesting. Honestly not much s different, that is probably the strangest part. I was also surprised at how nice the local library is here.

Apart from just books they have free DVD rentals, with a healthy selection. Free internet use as well, if you need it. Basically a great resource for saving money.

Reading is a fairly frugal pastime to begin with, and if you eliminate the only cost, well now it's perfect. I got 4 books today, some on economics, finance, and a true wilderness survival story. Lets see if I can read them all before they are due in 4 weeks.

If not, I can renew online. They didn't have that when I was a kid!

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