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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Support The Money Monk! And Yourself!

In my quest for financial independence and early retirement I aim to seek out any possible sources of income to take advantage of. I don't want people to just give me money, but there are certain ways to help me out on my goals, if you are interested, that won't cost you anything! One good tactic that I use, (and that you should use too if you have a blog) is to have an Amazon affiliate account.

Now, I know we all are aiming to spend as little as possible, so we should't be buying a bunch of frivolous shit, but even the most frugal among us have to buy SOME things. When you do, is a great place to get it at market price. If you are going to buy something on Amazon anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could use the link in the upper left side of this blog. It won't cost you a penny more, but I will still get a piece of the pie.

just click on the link that says "Buy anything you need from" and then use the site like you normally would.

If you have a blog, put up your own link and let me know! I can't use my own affiliate account, so I will use somebody else's when I have to buy something.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts (before Amazon goes under due to their unsustainable method of operations and razor-thin profit margins!


-The Money Monk

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