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Monday, July 21, 2014

4 Week no grocery shopping challenge!

I mentioned in my post on my spending for the last month that i had relaxed my food-spending standards quite a bit for that month. I have been doing better this month but the higher spending has bled over a little bit, so I am planning on taking some drastic action!

I am planning on not buying any food until August 20th!

Now this doesn't mean I'm taking a 4-week fast, it just means I will only be eating food that I already have in my house (or anything I get for free) One of my interests is survival/preparedness and self-sufficiency, so I have a decent amount of food stored in my house at any given time. I also have some chickens that provide me with eggs!

This 4-week grocery buying moratorium will accomplish a few things:

It will obviously lower my spending for the next 4 weeks, but it will also allow me to cycle through the food I have stored here. Frozen meats, canned vegetables, rice, etc. I will eat the older stored items and replace them afterwards.

Wish me luck!

-Double E
AKA The Money Monk

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